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[sticky post] ~Friends Only

My personal/IRL journal entries are friend-locked for an obvious reason! If you want
to take a peek, feel free to comment on this journal entry so I can add you. HOWEVER,
before doing so, please read the things that I do support and oppose:
You should read this before adding me or not.Collapse )

My public journal entries will involves fanmade/original works of mine and some
musings about favorite fictional pairings/characters/series.

Currently, I'm into crossovers right now and I have a CrossOTP which I'd like to share my headcanon about. Please note that this crosspair 'essay' is originally made back in 2015 and I'm reuploading on LiveJournal as a reference to why I ship Tohma and Suzume as a crosspair.


WARNING: This journal entry contains the poster's views on a crossover pairing and headcanons that may offend the reader/viewer. Please do read this at your own risk. ALSO, this journal entry might be long as heck because of her fangirling. Don't like what she says? Please leave your complaints in a note. Oh yeah, unclean language. Crappy quality of screenshots, using the screenshot capture since she is too lazy to download the episodes and taking screenshots on her WWM 2.6. And it had been a WHILE since she hasn't' rewatch the episodes of Gash Bell and Digimon savers thus her information might be inaccurate and clearly, she doing it from memory. Also, IT IS AU THING.

Series: Digimon Savers and Konjiki No Gash Bell!

Yeah, it is time for me to explain.

So, where do I start? Oh, right. At the beginning.

Spoiler alert in case you haven't seen Digimon Savers or Gash Bell through obviously is based on headcanon.Collapse )